it’s just that culture


I’ve just returned home after such a lovely evening with a good friend of mine. An ultra runner in fact (insane but beyond inspiring). After spending a rough old day or two, with lowness and trauma and fatigue at the forefront, these hours spent in that wholesome outdoorsy vibe was just what I needed. You know when friends relight that spark of who you are, that sometimes dwindles inside, even if just for a moment? Well, I do and that’s what happened. Quite easily for me too.

But coming home I realise, that that is what I need. I find it in films. In music. In photographs. In others stories. In my own stories.

I can’t really explain it – that culture. That of the outdoor sports, the adventurers, the adrenaline lovers, the nature loving explorers, the let’s-get-muddy type, the sea loving souls, the surfers, the skaters, the runners, the climbers, the mountaineers…

Here are just a few photos from me that sum up that culture. The one I so love and am grateful to feel a part of. I just need to keep on reminding myself so. Because when I do – when I am sat out the back of those breaking waves, with the sun setting on the shore, I really know there and then that everything will be okay.












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