will it?

how do you know everything will be okay, when on paper it technically shouldn’t?

how do you know it’s okay to trust your instinct, your heart, that has a deep long it really will be?

how do you know this is true when in panic, every vessel spells out mayhem?

but there really is that spark, that inner knowing it will be okay.

there’s a spark here that tells me to chill.

that tells me to pipe down and let it spill.

spill it out to those around,

spill it out until it belongs in the lost and found.

spill it out so you know not what

you were spilling your mind upon.

spill it out until you feel onboard life’s marathon.

because things really will be okay, won’t they?

because the universe, life, however you know it, really is on your side.

like a flower blossoming in the springtime sun,

and a dolphin swimming in the seatime blue.

know you are worth it

the one and only you.

On that cheesy note, I am off to bed.

Good night dear folks x



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