the crazy’s


The crazy my instinct is saying I need to be, is the one that doesn’t care. Not the one that lives in another realm.

I need to be one that doesn’t worry.

The one that runs when they want to.

The one that drums when they want to.

The one that strips down and dives in the ocean, come rain or shine or shower.

It’s the one that can cry or laugh and not worry those will think she’s mad.

It’s the one that follows their heart and let’s rip.

Let’s rip to the worries, the cares and the strifes.
Let’s rip to the times of troubles in her life.

Let’s rip with the anger, frustration and rage,
Let’s rip with the madness like she’s going on stage.

It’s the one that screams to the top of her voice when no-one can hear,
It’s the one that doesn’t care if someone does.

It’s the one that showers compliments to friends and strangers ears,
And dances in the woods.

It’s the one that longs to be free,
Free of awareness and self consciousness.
The one that’s desperate to just be me.

It’s the one that knows they’re worth it
And knows no one minds,
It’s the one that knows those prefer it if you’re happy and unwound,

Than tangled in tightness and determination to be sane.

It’s the one that trusts we’re all a bit weird –
We’re all just the same.



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