do anything


Do anything to keep your soul alive.

Because right now it’s what you need –
It’s essential to you being okay.

It’s like medicine to your ever growing need.
It’s like medicine answering to your ever growing and encompassing feed.

Do anything to help you find,
That determination and strength you have inside your soul.

Keep your heart heard,
And your soul will be too.

As you begin to feel,
Begin to journey,
Begin to move,
Let it be known that all you’re needing to find is you.

And there you right are.
In the midst of it all,
Scariness, change, growth, weirdness, unfamiliarity, terror,

As I once read,
In the midst of truth you feel fear.

In the midst of fear comes truth.


(buckwheatsrisk, zarmeenk, jackie376, Mia Attraversiamo, and soultherapist I thought of you guys when I put this pic up.)

You are coping,
You are you,
What you’re doing is going deeper in,
And it’s scary as hell.

It’s an unknown,
It’s an undisclosed.

It’s not much talked about,
Yet it’s totally known.

That is what we do –
We grow,
We evolve.

We dive into the shit to climb our way through.

So that is what I’m doing,
I’m diving,
I’m swimming,
And I hope I come out winning.

I hope we all come out winning.
I know we’ll all come out winning.

Have a day of sunshine dear readers. ☀



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