this one’s for you


How are you spending your day folks? I hope you enjoy it. ☀


4 thoughts on “this one’s for you

  1. I am sort of pinned with anxiety as I have a nerve wracking appointment today in 4 hours… my day will start AFTER that appointment :p enjoy your day xx

    • Sorry to hear you’re waiting for FOUR hours! But I hope you can soften your time with nice things. Or just ride it out until it comes and feel relief afterwards. I hope this picture can remind you you’re worth it all.
      I like your idea that the day will start after the appointment though! I’m trying to ignore anxiety and worry this morning but it’s not really working…! Im anxiously waiting properly waking up and getting out of bed and going to have a chat with my friend I’m living with. I’m in the midst of sorting something so scary but so needed – to go somewhere specialist for a bit to deal with the PTSD and get EMDR for it, and just spend time with proper pro’s who know what they’re doing, etc. But it scares the crap outta me. As its my lifelong fear but also, secretly deep inside, to finally get some help with this trauma thats swimming around and taking over. Let me know how your day goes. It will all be okay, it always is x x

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