the little girl

I’m scared

I feel lonely

I just want someone there

I just need someone here

I want to be held

I want to be looked after

I want to be cradled

I want to be told that whatever it is I feel it’s okay

I want to be told that I’m perfect just the way I am

I want someone to brush my hair

I want someone to pick my clothes

I want someone to dress me

I want someone to feed me ice cream

I want someone to give me pocket money

I want someone to do my laundry. Do my washing. Nurture me.

I want someone to be looking out for me.

I want someone to make my decisions and tell me where I’m going and what I’m doing.

I want someone to treat me to jelly and ice cream and tell me it doesn’t matter. It’s okay. It’s more than okay. You deserve it.

I want someone to say not to worry. “Don’t worry little one, we’ve got your back.”

“Don’t worry, your life will be worked out and you will happily skip along the path, shining and deserving.”

Is it weird to want this so much? Is it weird to enjoy touching into your inner child and want to just stay there and be looked after forever? Does it mean I’ll stay in that state for ever if I enjoy it when I’m there? As I start to embark on this journey of connecting to my inner child, the wounded needy one, it’s left me scared and fearful of the amount of need that she has.

But it’s accepting and trusting and loving each part of you and letting them all come to sit at the dinner table. The weird one. The crazy one. The excited one. The positive one. The negative one. The confused one. The dense one. The einstein-genius-intelligent one. The cant-be-arsed one. The I’m-so-motivated-and-up-for-anything one. The butter fingers one. The ditsy one. The lonely one. The insular one. The extroverted ‘look-at-me’ one. The I’m-so-great one. The depressed, I-don’t-ever-want-to-get-out-of-bed-again one.

How do you connect to your inner child and give it the nurturance, time and affection?

I’d love to know. Sunshine to you folks. ☀



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