you shine

Behind the clouds,

you shine.

Behind the rainstorm,

you shine.

There you sit, all these days long, shining.

Sometimes it might not feel like it,

Others it feels like you’ve lost it,

But I promise it will come –

That connection to that shine.

That feeling that you really do,

Rather than just a dwindling of perhaps I do.

Just like the clouds pass the sun,

Sadness can cloud the shine,

But it is still there –

That blossoming, that blooming, that radiance, that you.

Let that sorrow fall,

Let that anger have a voice,

Let the fear have a space,

Let the terror know its place.

And what you’ll find beneath it all, is the shine – that you.

Know it’s not forgotten,

The times the clouds pass by.

It’s just temporary – it’s not forever,

It’s just a little part of you,

A little part of this life.

Let your worries fall away of whether you’re doing it right,

Let your fears face the edge of the unknown and trust,

And most of all,

Let your heart know it shines no matter what it’s going through.

Shine on.


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