be your own best friend

This is something I have just seen in the past few days, really is the key to nailing this time. And then the rest of the days that follow. I loved the pic below and felt it summed it all up.

How will you find peace with your life, yourself and where you’re at, if there is a constant negative voice happening in your head? I feel being aware of this is the first step, but it’s flippin easier said than done. I wonder how on earth you knock the inner critic on the head because at the moment it seems to be running 100 miles an hour on an minutely basis…but I hope this will soften as I hold time with the awareness of it, and keep bringing myself back to my heart. Each time I do, my poor heart always is sat there, quite happy and wholesome and simply wishing the head would just pipe down for a minute and let me be.

So, this is for you, head:

And this is for you, heart:

How do you listen to your heart and let go of negativity coming from your head?


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