This got me thinking and realising that, despite it being an advert for a car, it really is true. In my eyes this little snippet perfectly sums up the fact that you really can feel happy, joyful, full, in whatever circumstance works for you. For some people it might be owning four perfectly cleaned cars in their drive and their dream job in the city, but for others it might be having a plot of land they grow their vegetables, and for others it might a mix in the middle.

At times in life it can feel like you are miles and miles away from having (not just possessions wise) what you dreamt of, or being in the place you dreamt of, or having what your soul needs in your life, or getting what you want in/from life. But take a look around. Stop for a moment. Read the words on this car advert, and let yourself soak up the goodness that is in your life. And if there are some parts which aren’t so chipper, and there are these parts for everyone, just know that life is simple and the clarity, peace or simplicity will come your way soon.

For me to have everything, is to have:

  • FRIENDS. Both around me and in the corners of the earth. And these friends are the friends that make you shine – that make you feel like you.
  • People I love – floating in and out of my life on a daily basis. That daily interaction with good loving folk is of key importance to me.
  • A job that makes me feel fulfilled and hold satisfaction and pride of myself, and what it’s doing for the world.
  • Something to care for and nurture, be it a garden of vegetables, a house plant, a dog, a daughter or son, a husband or partner (may I add, I only have one of these things – a house plant. And I have five of them at that. But I do work on other people’s vegetable gardens so I feel like that ticks off that box). I believe this is a really important part of life – to give your energy to something that gives it back, in particular the garden, houseplant and pet element.
  • NATURE. This is huge for me. Without this…well, I don’t know what to say. And that means a part of every day. All day every day if I can. To feel connected to the earth is, for me, essential to my happiness and sense of well being.
  • FUN. And laughter. Be it surfing until sunset with friends, giggles and hilarity over a morning coffee, or just wandering around the house in wig acting like a prat.
  • Opportunities for adventure, and travel. For me, opportunities for adventures are right there on your doorstep. That is something I have always been grateful for, is my ability to create adventure and fun out of the smallest or least likely situations or positions.
  • Enough money to not worry.
  • Family. This for me is an Achilles heel – a sore subject for now. But my heart leaps at the thought of one day soon, meeting someone and creating a family of my own. That unity, belonging and love is something I long for and try to hold a trust that this will come my way when the time is right. A little niggle, even if it’s just my big toe twitching, makes me feel like it’s not too far off…at least I hope not anyway.
  • Energy and health. For me the first bit of this is missing quite a lot right now but I hope in time it will show its face again, in full glory. And emotional health is a bit of a story right now, but in some ways it’s a gift that I will be able to look back on and know it happened now to help me become who I deserve to be, and to rid myself of the sorrow and happenings from the past.
  • A place to call home. A place to nurture, love and look after. A place to be and feel free. A place to home all your treasures.
  • And lastly, time. Time for reflection, relaxation, and time to enjoy all the above. Because without these pockets of time to reflect and be, it is easy to forget what we have.

I’m sure I’ve left something off that list but that’s what’s sprung to mind for now…so that probably means that’s everything I need!

And it’s funny, I do think that you can still feel like you have everything even without ‘ticking off’ everything from your list. Just like that advert says (although I think they were referring to the fact that if you buy the car, you have everything you need in life. I’m meaning in more of a general life sense…) Also, in another sense, to have everything is simply a feeling anyhow, and not really based on literal need or literal belongings. At the end of the day, to have food, water, a bed, shelter and those you love around you, you have everything you need. But the added extras are simply bonuses in your life’s pay cheque, so enjoy them and know you’re lucky. As I’m sure you all do anyway : )

What does it mean to you to have everything? ☀


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