You’re turning into your mother

All those inner niggles or inner doubts are simply just their own individual character, with their own individual voice. This voice is determined to help and make you listen and believe, but in actual fact it tends to just leave us feeling shoddy, full of doubt of life & ourselves, worrying ourselves into a frenzy and simply taking us inch by inch away from out true selves, in that moment.

So, here is my latest doodle. Here it is in aid of all the times in the past, and the most recent months being the most influential, of the voice of FACT that I’m turning into my mother. So I may as well give up now.

Both you and I know this is not true. Yet I still can’t quite settle for this, so here goes. By putting it on paper, I have soaked up the kind words of the advocate mouse – the inner me. My soul. My voice of reason & clarity, and what I know to actually be true. In turn, I laughed at the mother. I laughed at the fat lager drinking cat, telling me otherwise.

Now when these folk chip in again, I hope to keep them by side or even in a completely different room to me. Because now I know you to be talking complete and utter bollocks.

I am not my mother.

I am me.

And anything else couldn’t be further from the truth.



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