The floating leaf

Beneath anger, rage, and frustration is simply a tonne of sorrow waiting to be released, like a floating leaf in autumn, waiting to find its place amongst the rest.



6 thoughts on “The floating leaf

  1. Why not sweep it all up into a pile, make a bonfire, burn it all and be free of it! get rid of any letters, pictures etc that remind you of sorrows and release yourself to move forward. LET IT ALL GO x

    • This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing these words. The thought of letting go like that brought immediate relief and lightness to my shoulders and self, and a longing for this to happen. It’s funny how quickly the mind chips in that it is not that simple…but slowly i am beginning to see, that perhaps it is? In many ways. For some things, it goes deeper and might take a bit more time, but for so many negative thoughts or negative beliefs we can simply let go in moments, by proving to ourselves otherwise, and not running our life to their voice – instead run our life to the voice in our heart. Love to you. X

    • That is wonderful to hear of your friend and to know that is how you see her because of her embracing of sorrow. That gives me faith. Thank you for your touching words. Big love X

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