Looking UP

What if, things aren’t always going to be so bad?

What if, the worst case scenario isn’t always going to happen?

What if, things might actually be turning the corner and getting better?

What if, these clouded eyes are beginning to start believing this?

What if, your clouded mind began to start to believe it too?

What if?


Well, life would be a hell of a lot easier, that’s what if.



9 thoughts on “Looking UP

  1. oh yes… but I’ve been disappointed so many times, that I do not dare to be looking forward to something any more… if I really want something to happen, it never does. as if there is a bigger somewhat who doesn’t want me to be happy. it’s hard to explain… just some thoughts out of my twisted mind.

    • I know it is so hard to keep a trust and hope when you’ve felt disappointed so many times. But really know that it won’t be like that forever, and also so often, when the ‘big’ things aren’t going so well in life and it feels like you’re taking one hit after the other, the ‘little’ things in life – little bits in daily life – are often where the good things happen, or even just bits of synchronicity. I’ve got faith in life for you.
      Love and light to you. X

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