Keep the grip

As the moments pass by,

The clouds turn to cry,

The trees flutter to whisper,

I can’t help but pinch myself and wonder,

Whether all this was always gonna be a thing I ponder?

Or could I have done things a little differently?

Could I have altered my path to bring ease instead of difficulty?

Is this me going crazy?

It is not: it is just intense consistent anxiety.

Is it me losing my ability?

It is not: it is just a passing phase of fragility.

Allow yourself to feel,

And to wind the emotions in like a wheel,

Of trust and compassion for yourself and the earth,

For all the happiness and ease you deserve.

Know it is right there: it has not drifted,

The worthiness has not shifted,

And never will.

Better still,

Your sorrow will bathe in the grace you give it,

Your trauma will heal with the time you trust to it.

As much as this feels the furthest from any fingertip,

Some little niggle inside just can’t loosen its grip.



5 thoughts on “Keep the grip

    • thank you! there is hope indeed. i love that you always finish your writings with that. its a lovely reminder. hope is a word that i have just recently gravitated towards thinking often. it just leaves you feeling peaceful and inquisitive! i want to incorporate ‘hope’ as a thing, not a word, into a tattoo i’m contemplating. i thought of you actually, as i have been doodling some designs. i’ve never thought i’d want to get one but the more i think of it, the more ideas spring to mind and the significance too! it just feels pretty healing to get one and where i would get it, especially so. anyhow, i just thought of you as this has been on my mind! big love. xo

      • That sounds really exciting and thank you for such a wonderful compliment! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!! That’s awesome that you can draw it yourself too! I’m so excited for you and to see it!
        Hope is such a calming word, I cling to it for deal life! xo

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