Award nominations: The Liebster blog award

The other morning I woke to the wonderful news that I had been nominated for the Liebster blog award by the beautiful Claudia of dipitblack – highly recommend a visit and a follow of this chick. So thank you so so much. I was humbled and touched.

The process goes as follows: I tell you 11 facts about myself. Answer the 11 questions dipitblack asked. Then nominate 11 blogs, with under 200 followers Then I ask the 11 I’ve nominated, 11 questions of my choice… I think that’s how it goes anyhow!

11 random facts about myself.

1. I surf.

2. I have broken, dislocated, required stitches for, or concussed 17 bits of my body…all involving some random sporting escapade.

3. I own a snowboard, a surfboard, a skateboard, hockey sticks, a unicycle, juggling clubs, & a 15ft yurt.

4. I once competed in a white water kayaking competition dressed as a grandma – saggy boobs included.

5. Aged 18, I went away for a year with just £600.

6. I’m in the Guiness Book of World Records twice: once for being in the largest game of stilt football (yes, you read that right – STILT football) aged 15, and aged 13 for participating in a nationwide scientific experiment in which all English schools jumped for a minute at the same time one morning, to see if we could make the world move a nudge…we’re a strange (but great) country.

7. I jogged around the track with the world famous Haile Gabrselassie and a friend, in front of 30,000 fans in Ethiopia.

8. Right now I have more soil underneath my fingertips than you’d find in the nearest flowerbed.

9. I have just recently cut all contact from my family.

10. I once began the route to get a PHD…but quit.

11. Aged 12, my mother, sister and I hitch hiked around La Palma and Tenerife. Ran out of money and ate avocados, oranges and almonds I climbed trees to pick.

Here are my (rather lengthy) answers to Claudia’s questions:

1) What’s your favourite dish?

Roasted root vegetables, inc. numerous cloves of roast garlic. An arugula and leafy salad. Mixed seeds sprinkled on top. A heavy light a crumbling of goats cheese. Brown rice and poi lentils cooked together, sat on the side. And a tonne of home made salad dressing – all over it. And two helpings of this…at least.

2) What do you like to do most when it’s raining outside?

GO OUTSIDE. I love the rain, be it summer or winter. Preferably summer, but I equally love getting totally rained on in the winter – it’s just the sniffly nose afterwards isn’t always so grateful. I love riding my bike, gardening, running or surfing under the raindrops. A perfect day would then end with heading home and sitting in front of the fire, toes cosy, cuddled with friends, listening to the the rain pouring down outside. It doesn’t get much better than a mix of those two.

3) What are you thinking about the most?

Wales and its stunning coastline. It’s like paradise. And I miss it so much. Today, as the autumn sun streams through my window, I just long to be back there with friends – surfing, beach fires, canoeing down the peaceful river, swimming in the freezing sea, and then drinking endless amounts of tea & knitting in front of a film.

4) What would you do to stop hunger and war in the world?

Gandhi’s name immediately sprung to mind. And so I would take his courage and ability, mixed with that of Martin Luther King, to step up and unite the world to see the desperate need to unite instead of fight, and to help enable people to have enough to feed instead of starve. I dream of using course and ability and fame of these two, combined with photographs and writing to display this crucial and urgent need for people to WAKE UP to the importance of what is going on in the world.
If I couldn’t do this, I would start close to home and do my bit right here, because we need to start somewhere. And there is so much suffering right on your doorstep, that it calls for acknowledgement and assistance right here just as much as thousands of miles away.

5) Why did you choose this name for your blog?

Earlier this year, whilst living in California, I was getting back into poetry writing – see it as poetry therapy. I woke up one morning and wanted to write a poem about my life…in a nutshell. Sleepy eyed, I just let the words fall out of my fingertips. And just as I begun to write it, I suddenly came up with the metaphor that my life until then, was as though I had run million marathons. In that moment, I realised I felt like I had lived my whole life having run a million marathons and never having had a moment to breathe. And when I did have a chance to look at a moment to breathe, things would begin to crumble, so I have always just picked up and kept running. Not running away, just running to keep up with the speed of life. Until now. So this blog is the beginning of these marathons being healed, laughed at, cried at, and most of all: shared.

6) Who’s your favorite fashion icon and why?

Camilla Belle and Kate Moss.

Camilla – so elegant, down to earth, and beautiful.

Kate – always looking so simply stylish and comfortable (apart from the odd exception where she is snapped drunk and skirt-less, at 4am after a party).

7) What makes you crazy?


(And two-faced folk. World hunger. World violence & destruction. Neglect. Abuse. Environmental damage.)

8) Who do you admire and why?

Friends. Those who show unconditional love. The ones who have overcome their own struggles and strifes and because of this hold an understanding and deep compassion for those around them, and continue to share their wisdom and support despite whatever they have been through or are going through.

9) What’s your biggest dream?

To write a successful book. And to become a well known, book writing, outdoor-psychotherapist (otherwise known as an Ecotherapist…but a little less on the hippy side). And to work for National Geographic. And to create the home-life and family I never had and dream of. I realise that’s a few dreams but I decided I’m allowed to cheat on that one. 😉

10) What are the blogs you love the most?

Inspirational ones: people sharing stories, transformations, humourous glances at adversity, insights into folks inspirational way of life, and a touch of lightness and humour to brighten the day.

11) Which book are you reading atm? (or which magazine?)

Cheryl Strayed – Wild. Amazing book. Amazing memoir. Amazing woman. She walks the Pacific Coastal Trail for three months alone, aged 24, to go through the transition she knew she needed after losing her mother two years previous. Inspiration. I highly recommend you go and grab yourself a copy. And lemme know what you think!

So, my nominations:

And my questions for you folk:

If you could go one place right now, where would you go?

What is your favourite thing to do to relax?

What is your favourite flower?

What do you most like to do whilst with friends?

When listening to music, which track do you have on repeat right now?

What does writing do for you?

How does blogging help you?

If you could be an animal, what would you be?

What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

George Clooney, Gerard Butler or Johnny Depp?

Tonnes of love and thanks for being there, sharing, making me laugh and commenting with such supportive and inspirational words. I appreciate it to the moon and back.

You’re all ace.

Look forward of hearing all your answers. X

23 thoughts on “Award nominations: The Liebster blog award

  1. Jiehoooo!
    I know I can’t answer them, but Gerard Butler! Defenitely, 100%, yes!

    And love to read your answers sweetie!

    ‘Aged 18, I went away for a year with just £600.’

    Serious? Where did you go?

    And love to read that you’re such a rain lover as me :). Nothing better than the fresh smell of rain!

    Big big kiss! ❤

    • Haha, loved this. Gerard Butler – you can have him! Thanks for your words love :). At 18 I headed for 11 and a half months of working around NZ & Australia, and hopping into Thailand & Singapore on the way home. Big love and raindrops x x

  2. Wow thank you for nominating me x x x My life does not sound quite as exciting as yours but I will enjoy answering your questions! Sincere congratulations on your award and your fabulous answers x

  3. my gosh! firstly, congrats on the award! secondly, thanks for the nomination! and lastly, you are an amazing woman! I just learnt so much about you and I must say you are a rockstar; guinness world book of records (sooooo cool), a yurt (which I had to google), an athlete, a nature lover and all done with such humour & joyfulness. Im not sure what the story is with your family and Im sorry that youre going through difficulty with them but I have a strained/difficult/almost-non existent relationship with my Dad so I understand that type of family drama too.

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  5. I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog, but this one was just so fun (and I am less pressed for time than usual so I can do more than read) I wanted to say hi! It is fortunate, for those with wretched childhoods, that we can in some ways form our own adulthoods and create memories we want instead of ones we must survive. Such an admirable run you’ve had, may your inner marathons be as rewarding to look back on once the pain is processed some… and as you like to keep running, isn’t it just ever so convenient that the inner journey, the hard work, is never done, just sometimes lets you have some recuperative power and time between sprints? Metaphor aside, Bessed Be and congrats on an award well earned and well answered.

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