The Lonely Boat

In the midst of transformation,
In the midst of change,
Be it within yourself or within your life,
It can often feel like your foundations are slipping and your isolation is growing.

In all those lonely moments when you don’t recognise yourself and you feel ten thousand miles from who you were or who you used to be, let alone feel like you know yourself in that moment, remember, or any other, remember that you are being true to you and that is the most important thing in life you can do.




2 thoughts on “The Lonely Boat

  1. Beautiful post sweetie, it’s very recognizable.
    When I try to be true to myself, I actually write a lot and I am more isolated than usual.
    Recently I had a chat with somebody about this and she says it wasn’t normal. So I started thinking about ‘being normal’, about ‘being average’. And well, what is it? Who can describe it? People think something is normal, if a lot of people are doing it that way, but maybe they are all acting the wrong way and I am normal. Who says? Well, I decided I’d rather be different and stay true to myself than acting ‘normal and average’ and feeling like I’m an actor in my own life. Hope I can help you a little with this thinking haha. And remember that everything has a start and an end, even feelings. You might feel better tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.


    • So sorry only just replying to this heartfelt and touching reply sweetpea. I wrote you one but it must not have posted!
      Your words meant a lot and I connected with every one of them. For the record – it is totally ‘normal’ to become isolated and write when you are connecting with yourself. I definitely do it and know a tonne of others that do too. I think its called being creative too. The more creative you are, i think the more I am seeing that you tend to gravitate towards expressive outlets that others just might not understand. Y’know?
      Recently I find myself wondering whether it’s normal to be on your own writing when you’re 25 (!) but I see that life works in ebbs and flows and I have had SO much socializing and fun over the years and maybe it’s my time to really get comfortable in my own skin, in the good and the bad. BUT friends are so so important too and sometimes we have to make ourselves be sociable as it is easy, if you have been getting used to taking time out for yourself, to drift into that comfort zone. And sometimes it becomes a bit detrimental – you know when you spend time with friends and you so nearly won’t going to go, for example, and then you do and you’re so glad you did! If that makes sense?! Well that’s where I am at the moment. But I also really think its so important to surround yourself with the RIGHT people. The ones that make you shine. For me right now I don’t at all have many of those around me, and in this transition and living somewhere new (ish) I am crossing my fingers that that will change slowly as I turn my focus on people who are like soul food.
      Wooah this is one massive reply. šŸ˜‰ feel like i could type forever! Hope youre happy today. Sending sunshine. Xx

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