Eggshells – a guest poet

My dear friend over at buckwheatsrisk is this weeks guest author. The first of many I hope. If any of you want to switch and swap and guest author for metaphoricalmarathons, I’d love love to have your words on here. And equally, if any of you want me to guest on your blog, please just let me know! I’d love that too.

Here buckwheatsrisk shares a beautifully written poem right from the heart: inspiring and empowering. She’s one of a kind and an inspiration, so I hope you enjoy and follow her wise worded blog.


the eggshells cracking as i walk,
the whipping words begin.
i tried to tread so light but,
i am heavy within.
you yell and scream, don’t break the shells,
you’ve scared me to my core.
as the dread grows,
so the egg rot smells,
a whole in my ear your tongue bore.
i shan’t listen more.
you’re truth is lies,
my truth is truth,
that is what i’ll hear.
my feet now walk on solid ground,
my path is fully clear.
i smile at your scowl,
for i’m deafened to your sound.
i pitty you as i watch
drown in your own fear.


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