Loneliness and its unique swing


Loneliness swings in its own unique way.
It’s shelters, it shines, it keep happiness at bay.

Here I sit, aching tooth and aching soul,
Wondering whether it is weird that I feel a grey and ancient 25 year old.

But these times will come:
The connection, the friends, the fun.

And if you open your eyes to see, it is already here,
It just might not be as present as in previous years.

But perhaps this is a vital part if this time of healing:
Getting to know this sadness and isolation is only a feeling.

Getting to know this really to be true.
Getting to know that loneliness doesn’t define you.



13 thoughts on “Loneliness and its unique swing

  1. Those are the type of flowers that lift my spirits after a hard winter, for they signal the return of spring and warmer days. Good poem.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. Glad to hear those flowers have that healing effect – they’re like a nugget of sunshine that pop up everywhere, and never cease to bring joy to your day. Planted a load the other day, and always forget where so that’s a nice surprise too! Love and sunshine. X

  2. You are so talented with words sweetie!
    And I’m following you now on bloglovin’ :)!
    I’ve been searching for an e-mail adress or fb-page, but I can’t find it.
    So if you like to have an easier contact, you can send me an e-mail at dipitblack@gmail.com with your fb.
    Think that’s the best idea :). Then I’ll add you, or I’ll add your e-mailadress!

    Love and kisses!

  3. This is beautiful and clearly from your heart. Very touching and inspirational. Continue to look ahead – your future is bright, I’m sure of it! Your writings will only continue to help to heal you:)

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