I’m scared

Ever get those moments when you realise you’re scared of literally everything in your life?

Well this morning, as I lay in bed and let the sun fall on my pillow, that fear hit was in full swing.

So I doodled it out.



17 thoughts on “I’m scared

  1. I found a wonderful blog called BEYOND MEDS — ALTERNATIVES TO PSYCHIATRY — A RESOURCE it has an amazing collection of articles and I am sure you would find some of them useful. Try it and keep doodling!

    • These words mean SO much love. To hear reassurance that I won’t be like my mum means the world. It also reminds me of my all encompassing fear that I’m going crazy or will end up crazy, that because I’m aware of it….fingers crossed it won’t be true. I often think of you because since you told me, in moments of overwhelm or struggle or anxiety, when things feel too much, I take myself back to what do I have to do in this moment – what is the next thing I have to do, and work in little stages from there. That’s down to you that is 😉 so thankyou xxx

    • Sorry to hear you can relate but reading those words felt really reassuring, because that’s exactly how it feels. And it is horrid. but it does pass, it is just a case of riding it out sometimes. Other times i notice you can get a handle on it a bit more. How are you doing? Big love X

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