The sleepy one

As I’ve been resting and dozing and feeling ill from my dentist palaver, I’ve been also stressing out and worrying that the chronic fatigue is kicking up again.

Any sign of tiredness, fatigue, illness, and the rest, I freak out. Convince myself I’m going to be tired and like this forever. I worry about everything and the future, and the rest. It turns into ‘storytelling’ to the extreme. And it has to be the most unhelpful thing I can do, I just can’t help but do it. So today I did a little doodle to express it. Please excuse the rather fat hedgehog.


Does anyone else who’s had chronic fatigue feel the same way when they have the slightest hint of tiredness or feeling unwell?



12 thoughts on “The sleepy one

    • Sorry to hear you feel draggy on the meds – hope a good dose of fresh air helps?! Like you’ve said to me, it’s remembering why you’re taking the meds and holding hope that the side effects are worth it. Sorry you’ve got to have any meds or any side effects though! Love love x

      • at least i don’t feel sleepy! i’ve been on them for so many years it’s my norm, but for years i beat myself up about it thinking i was lazy, then i realized one day…it’s the meds and the fact that i’m living with C-PTSD. so i’m not quite so hard on myself in that area now.

      • So glad, relieved, and inspired, to know you dont beat yourself up anymore petal. I’m slowly seeing that with time, and age I think too, you start to get easier on yourself. Or at least the feelings become more familiar so you’re not always giving yourself a hard time about what you ‘should’ be – you can allow for where you are now. Big love X

      • yes and what a relief that is when we can do that. i have a bad case of the “should be’s” both from the religious abusive father and the churchs in my past…i’m catching those now and that’s good!

    • I knoww! What if the reason I’m tired and ill is because of something that would make anyone ill! I always forget it and then laugh when someone reminds me that maybe actually I’m just ill? Ever thought of that?! 🙂 thanks for your words peach. Mean a lot, as it’s just so easy to get carried away with the story telling.
      How are you today? Xx

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