I hope



12 thoughts on “I hope

      • Ah, love. Sorry to hear that. Always here – please send over words, always. Sorry I haven’t replied to your last email but doesn’t mean you can’t send more! 🙂 I’m feeling better with my tooth but having a really rough time but hoping it is in a positive way, bringing relief with the pain too. Your blog is fantastic as always 🙂 hope that brings you positivity as you so deserve xxx

    • You’re a star, thank you. That’s an important thing to remember in all of this, eh. Turtle steps/baby steps – they’re the most important thing! And taking off all that guilt of the ‘shoulds’ 😉 Big love xx

      • I KNOWW! 🙂 all my life I’ve always just been able to get on with things at my pace, and in the way I’ve chosen to (obv leaving out the life of abuse but I mean everything alongside it.) I just think it’s ironic that now, it is my time to slow down and see that it is small things, small steps that count and make the difference. I always think its interesting to see the areas that you struggle to settle with and accept now, looking back on your past and the patterns you’ve had until you have a crumble and these begin to change. xxx

  1. Your sketches are beautiful and your calligraphy is very artistic. You have talent.
    You captured here what everyone thinks about. Life is about learning about yourself and growing with each step. Just by stating that you hope your life will turn out ok means that you have plans and goals and are looking forward. You have hopes and wishes that you want fulfilled. Plan for success. Plan the steps you need to take to get to the next step. You will look back one day and realize the path may have had turns you didn’t expect but it led you to a place better than you could have imagined. Keep your eyes on the horizon and your heart open. Receive love, assistance, guidance, knowledge, friendship, courage, and strength from all those around you. People appear in your life as you need them. …Oh, and btw, I have a very good feeling that your life will turn out more than just ok. Love to you.

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