Paranoid as a plum

Ever get riddled with a good healthy dose of paranoia? It’s not a common occurrence in my PTSD and anxiety but it does play a part every now and again. This weekend I found myself in the midst of it a few times. My worry is that in my anxiety and trauma states folk think i’m crazy. In fact it’s not just that I think they do, i KNOW they do. And to make matters worse, I believe that I am too.

And for the record, I’m not.

And so I did a little doodle to express these, in many ways, quite comical feelings.

I hope they can bring any lightness to anyone who finds themselves in the same dilemma of emotions. You’re not alone. None of us are.



9 thoughts on “Paranoid as a plum

    • Y’know, you’re the one that has helped me see that my phobia of being crazy is because those that hurt me were crazy. I had never realised it in quite those words before so thank you! I knew it in other ways, i.e. a fear of going crazy is totally understandable seeing as both my folks are, but to just hear it in those words like you say above, and have before, really mean a lot because it brings clarity and compassion in a way I hadn’t thought of before! So thanks, peach. x

    • You are so so wonderful! Like I said in the comment on your blog, this award made my week so thank you, peach. I haven’t uploaded my answers or nominations yet but I will do soon.
      How are you? Sending lots of love and appreciation for you. X

      • Thanks for the love and appreciation, summerteifi, it is much appreciated. Your enthusiasm is kind of infectious : ) I think I’d like to catch a good dose of it, maybe like one of those lifelong illnesses. Except opposite in effect.

      • I loved this message so much : ) I love that you want to catch something of mine, and that it comes out of the page. You can have a good healthy dose of it anytime you want it! How about every day, think of me handing you a giant bath load of bright enthusiasm thats all yours. and you can swim in it all day, or whenever you need a pick me up. For the record though, your loveliness and warmth flows over the page too – can I have a bit of that? : ) tonnes of love. Really glad to be in touch. You can email anytime too – metaphoricalmarathons (at) if ever you need to share thoughts. Always here. Xx

      • Thank you dear one. Loveliness and warmth, really? Me? Just trucking along… If that’s what in the truck then sure, you can have a truckload (grin). Thank you so much for being there. It means a lot to me. I am imagining splashing about in the bath load of bright enthusiasm. : )

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