The little girl

Ever get those moments when you pinch yourself and wonder how you got where you are, and feel riddled with worry about where you’re going? Recently I’ve found myself deep in this angst. And so I doodled it out:


And that’s when the motherly part pipes up to reassure.


Doodle your parts, express yourself, embrace creativity to help release these fears, pain and worry. Once out on paper, they soften and feel distant and become reassured by the motherly parenting parts of yourself. And if they don’t, keep doodling, keep sharing, keep expressing and never stop knowing this too shall pass.


19 thoughts on “The little girl

  1. You are so talented, your art work is exceptionally good you know. It deserves a wider audience. Ever thought about illustrating? But I really think you could write your own book of survival complete with your wonderful pictures. maybe do the Artist’s Way?

    • Thank you, they sure do. And they provide an edge of comedy to it all, which I believe is one of the most helpful things in the right situation and at the right time. If that works for you, obviously. For some it doesn’t, for me I know it really does. X

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