Cold turkey

Love them, or hate them, as of yesterday I began a new attempt at a new set of meds. The others I were on for a couple of months were causing havoc with my poor bod and so it was time to start again. And I feel rough as a badger.

Here’s a doodle to express this chaos and discomfort that’s going on within.

Please excuse my French.



(For the record, I don’t really wish I was experiencing this because of the other type of drugs you can take – I am so¬†grateful I’m not. It is merely just an expression of my frustration that these meds just make you feel so shit. Lets hope the positives of these puppies make their way over this way soon.)


5 thoughts on “Cold turkey

  1. Takes a while for the body to get used to them but hopefully will be worth it x keep on keeping on x Yuk did I really say that? Sounds glib but I mean it is worth the effort for the eventual reward of feeling better x

    • That made me laugh. There’s no yuk in keeping on keeping on! I love it. Thank you for your faith in this. I really hope these ones work and these side effects soften. Ugh. Feeling so rough! Lots of love to you xxx

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