Stop and Look

One day your life gets to this point where it says STOP.

Stop the running, stop the chasing, stop the wishing, stop the faking,

and LOOK.

Look at you. Look at your magnificence.

Look at your shine being trodden down by shit.

Look at what needs to rise and be heard.

Look at how empowered your whole being feels when you really give it the voice it deserves, and has. Right there. Sitting, waiting, wishing for you to trust it.

Rise up from beneath what’s been bowling you over and let your soul speak.

For you are worthy and life is worthy.

And you are not far away.

As you change the relationship with your trauma,

You change your relationship with yourself.

You see that you are beautiful, you are radiant, you are a STAR.

You are not what has happened to you, nor will you ever be.

It hurts. It hurts like a bitch. But it’s worth it, so I’ve been told.

And so my heart says too.

All that isolation, all the hurting, all the screaming inside doesn’t have to be anymore.

It can come out now.

You’ve done what you needed to, to cope. And you’ve done so fucking well.

But it’s stopped now: the abuse is over.

You are safe.

So grow, baby. Grow.






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