The racing mind


This is my take on when anxiety grips you and leaves you swimming in a haze of spinning thoughts and unexplainable removed-ness. It often feels like you’re in a bubble, trying desperately to watch the world from the inside but just feeling stuck within this blinding circle. Until eventually a crack forms and you catch a breath, and it clicks: it’s anxiety, that’s all it is.

I so often find it can take ages for this to click, and when it does I immediately feel so much relief. Even if your head doesn’t stop spinning, something inside you knows it’s okay – it’s just anxiety. You’re not losing your nut.

It does make me laugh that no matter how many times you feel them, anxiety attacks can just still so cleverly sneak up and catch you so flippin’ well.



8 thoughts on “The racing mind

  1. It really does help to figure out what it is so you can stick your tongue out at it and make it go away! Great illustration. I used to get them often, and I pushed through until I think Anxiety got sick of trying to win and gave up! Realizing I always made it through situations that caused them became a habit until I just quit reacting that way to any discomfort I had. Hope they ease up for you soon too!

    • Wise words, thank you. It is tempting to dive into the anxious energy sometimes, and sometimes this can be useful, provided you acknowledge what you’re feeling. But generally I have noticed it is so much better to breath into it and be still, making sure you’re feeling safe and cosy where you are too. big love. X

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