Know your heart

A friend text to me, the nicest and wisest words, yesterday:

“Know your heart, it tells the truth. Everything else can just blow away with the wind.”

It felt very fitting for these chaotic times. My heart knows it will be okay, I just wish my head would pipe down and know it will be too. I don’t know how, and almost all a lot of the time I REALLY cannot see it will, but whenever I touch in with my heart, it seems to be sitting there softly saying how it will be okay.

My stomach feels tight, my head spins, with the worry of HOW. “How will it be? Will it really be? What will okay even mean? Will I end up settling for a shoddy okay?”

But these are just angsts. These are future tripping worries that riddle my days. And despite how many are there and how often they show my face, there really is that feeling in my heart that it will be okay. I just long to be able to trust that. But maybe for now, all I need is to know that it’s there and head there for reassurance.

photo 2-13

Does your heart give you that feeling of hope, and your head the feeling of chaos and worry?



4 thoughts on “Know your heart

  1. My ‘heart’ or ‘soul’ or ‘what is looking when my eyes are closed’ tells me everything is ok, you are perfect as you are, you are loved and love in return, and my head tells me ‘how could anyone love you?’ and ‘think of all those horrible things you do-of course you dont deserve to be loved!’. You are not alone in this. Everyone feels this to some extent or another ❤ ❤ ❤ you are doing so well and are so strong and powerful. We just need to learn to rest, relax, and know that we can always trust our 'hearts', that our inner truth is what should be listened to. Thoughts are just like hollograms, they look so real but are not xxx

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