As the cuts heal

I look back to that time

The things I did

The pain I was in

The hurt I was feeling

For what was and what’s been

I feel a heartbreak and I look to where, for a while, I took my pain to

The marks softening and fading

The skin healing

The mind grieving

I see that the pain is moving

The pain is shifting

The pain is growing

In ways that empower and move

Rather than send you deeper into the darkened groove

My tears fall for my soul

They fall and soften the marks that were so real

So deep

So raw

But thankfully they are no more

They are moving to new pastures

The body is healing the skin I once abused

The need to do this is no longer here

And I pray will never be again

The pain now shines in its shadow

It blossoms in its mist

The pain now has a home within my heart

It has a place to be and grow and show

No longer does it need to be stuffed beneath life’s road

Pain is to be felt and honoured

And as I see these marks heal

My heart heals too.

photo 3-19


8 thoughts on “As the cuts heal

  1. So so beautiful. As we start to honour our mind and all it houses, then we can slowly start to honour our body and the freedom it allows us. Mine doesnt feel like a prison anymore, thats such a relief ❤ I love you sweet sister xxx

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