Forgive me, adrenals

Adrenal fatigue makes you feel cruddy, to say the least. It leaves you feeling as though your body is falling apart. It’s not, you just have rinsed your adrenals clean and they need a break. PTSD or severe anxiety can have this effect. But so can drinking a tonne of coffee.

For me it was the first one, but in many ways it would feel the same if it was the latter too. I am still in the process of fully working out what is going on health-wise, as it is feeling as though a pretty complex picture has been painted, but adrenal fatigue is very much amongst it. And it has been for absolutely ages, but I have not had the opportunity to rest and listen to my body accordingly, because my PTSD state has been so heightened and my fight-or-flight state has been a constant, severe, one for the last eight months. These new anti-d’s have enabled my anxiety and PTSD symptoms to dramatically reduce, and therefore my body finally has a chance to speak. Or more like, scream. And that it has done beautifully.

Your body does the best it can at any given time, and sometimes it needs to well earned rest and recharge to be able to tackle the next stage of life.

I hope that anyone who has experienced adrenal fatigue, or chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue, that they can connect with this cartoon that I draw below. Upon falling ill, it can take some time to learn what this spell of fatigue or ill-health is there to teach you. But once this happens, it feels like you’re being cheated still feeling so rough. “I’ve learnt my lesson, please can’t I just feel a BIT better?!” I find myself longing and longing to feel better and promising the skies that I will look after myself…I just wish I could not feel like death. Please? It would make it all so much easier.


For me, adrenal fatigue is blended with chronic fatigue right now. It has been hard to distinguish between the two, but I am learning to spot the differences, slowly. It has been bringing back horrible fond memories, and familiar states, belonging to the time I spent in a severe hit of chronic fatigue a few years ago. This has never properly gone away, and is still very much present in my days, but adrenal fatigue is a new player in the mix.

No matter how many hours of rest, you still have to get back into bed after being out of it for twenty minutes. No matter how many supplements or herbal tinctures you take, vegetables you eat, or yoga positions you strike, you still feel crap. But the trick in this is having patience and trust that it will make a difference. This is hella hard though, and so sometimes to feel like shouting with rage is completely cool and fair enough. And probably really bloody healthy. But know that all this rest and time you are taking to be with how you feel, will heal.

There are so many words that I could type about this topic, all that you learn whilst in it, and the reasons that I have this in my life now and the past, that the few paragraphs above don’t really do it justice. But until that day of writing comes, just know that I am thinking of you if you are experiencing these physical treats.

All that you are doing, and all the rest you are taking, is making a difference, I promise.



10 thoughts on “Forgive me, adrenals

  1. Oh, I do relate – I crashed in 2004 with just the mess you’re describing, caused by overwork and overcaffeine. Took three months of family medical leave while I worked with a wonderful team of healers (chiropractic, nutritional, and acupuncture) and at the end of it was 100% up to full speed, where I’ve remained with minimal and rare relapses. Some of the things I can recommend –
    GOOD wholefoods multivitamins – I use Alive for Women 50+ (without Iron)
    Magnesium-complex – magnesium, manganese & malic acid
    MegaB-vitamin complex
    Rhodiola (I use Rhodiola Recharge)
    Also check out your Candida levels – Removing processed sugars and simple carbs from my diet, while using Dioxychlor to flush candida, both reduced my weight and improved my energy, Candida can mimic CFS and fibro symptoms.
    And check out your thyroid levels – hypothyroidism can also mimic CFS.
    Wishing you the best!!

    • Ah, sending you love and good health. Hope you can find time to rest and give yourself what you need – there is lots that you can do to help the adrenals, and rest is one of the main ones! But plenty others too, such as herbs and tinctures – really help to build them back up. Big love x x

      • Thank you! I am, and just this week I have been really trying to give myself the credit for it, as it is so easy to overlook how bloody well I am doing, and to just keep piling on pressure and keep on giving myself a hard time! I hope you are giving yourself a high five, and seeing how well you are doing because that is just as important as rest is in this, I believe 🙂 Lots of love X

  2. Hey there, I relate to the adrenal fatigue cartoon too. I use the phrase, ‘my get up and go just got up and went.’ 8) I found that this book was helpful to me. From memory it includes a list of natural foods that help adrenals, and foods to avoid, which cause additional stress to adrenals. Adrenal Fatigue, the 21st century stress syndrome, by James L. Wilson. All the best with your resting and healing. Sleeping a lot seems to help long term. You’re doing so well at being alive. It is something that is sometimes underrated.

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