This moment now

you are lovely

Everything and anything in our life is and are just phases, states, or nuggets of time.

What they mean isn’t important. It is what you feel that matters.

So feel it. Go with it.

Be with this moment now because that is all you know to be true.

The rest will work itself out.

It always does.


16 thoughts on “This moment now

    • It’s a hard one to really trust, but it really is true. My belief in life is that if you give yourself what you need in this moment, the rest works itself out. And I guess this is what I meant here too. It helps me to think of all the other times, be it just little things in the day or bigger ‘life’ things, when I have had no idea how things would work out okay…but they did. And they always do. Even if it is eventually. How are you today? Lots of love X

  1. hmmmm too true my lady! Each moment is a new start, and a chance to rest in what is present all the time, always there for us. Each thought, emotion is just a reminder to us that we are all connected in this life energy, that we are not alone in this xxx

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