Sometimes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with how far you feel you’ve ‘fallen’, and how far from yourself you’ve seemingly drifted.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel so deep within the shit, you can’t open your eyelids to see how it could ever ease or pass. Let alone think it ever will.

Sometimes it’s so easy to WISH it could just be, or have been, a little easier or a little different or a little less intense…

And all of these feelings are COMPLETELY fair enough. Feel them and let them be here.

But seeing this, this morning, slapped those wishes and feelings in the face and reminded me of the joys and the bonuses of falling hard and hitting a bottom you never thought you’d find.

It means you just bounce up so much higher and further than if you’d only tripped.

Whether you trip or you fall, or you do a bit of both, this bit matters just as much as your bounce back up.

20130120-115252 AM.jpg

And, you all bounce beautifully.


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