Some words for the soul

the sunlight falls, and envelopes the creak,

the raindrops wait their turn to fall,

and shower their peace.

the moonlit moments bring clarity and realisation,

that all is living and all is on.

together we can do no harm,

broken and in bits we do only that,

it is first thought.

but maybe we need a break to burn and fall,

be torn to shreds,

bitten to pieces,

to know who we are,

and know our soul’s true bed

in this seemingly chaotic life.

photo 1-25

for me I see this pain that comes

as more real and raw than it has ever been.

how will it pass and know me again?,

asks the sun through the clouds.

how will by soul we be kept in tact?,

asks the oak to its fallen leaves.

know no matter what,

i’m here

replies the soul to us all.

i’m not going anywhere

and i never will.

have i ever before?,

she speaks so loud and clear.

no, my heart replies.

you’ve always been there

and yes,

you always will be:

i see you now.

keep coming back:

keep glistening,

and reminding me of my feet on this swimming road.

photo 3-23

show me the connection to your central point,

of peace and clarity,

joy and radiance,

when i need it most,

and i’ll keep on wading

through all this shit in the darkened pile.

for that is no bribe it is merely a request to keep me alive,

dear heart.

sometimes i forget my name,

sometimes i forget my shine.

i forget my feet are so firmly on the floor of the Earth’s hands,


it hurts.

it blinds.

it blisters.

it burns.

it’s bruising.

it blocks out all chance of you,

and this aches the most,

because i know that within this pain,


and blinding energy,

is ME.

but i can’t fucking find her sometimes,

let alone YOU.

so please come back,

and with it

always glow.

photo 4-21


no effort needed,

said the bee to the pollen:

i’ll carry you home

to where you need to be

and you’ll help me be me.

i’ll scatter you where you need to be

to spread your beauty and flower,

growing some more of the world your shine.

together we’ll help create something as sweet as you:

as sweet as honey.

photo 2-24

so shine on soul

and together we’ll glow bright.

i just need you to be here a little bit louder

for me this time now.

i need you to dance your spark

and sing your shine

as loud as you can,


no matter the depth of pain,

i’ll always be listening.


photo 1-24





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