We’ve hit Facebook


I have a love-hate relationship with Social Networking. Right now, it is swinging towards the Love button, and seems to continue to. So, I have taken this blog onto the big F.B to spread the word and begin to raise awareness.

If you have any kind of relationship with Facebook, love or hate, and fancy hitting the ‘like’ button I would Love it. What will follow, is nuggets of inspiration or reassurance, videos, quotes and pictures relating to these topics this blog touches on…and anything else that tickles my fancy in that moment.




5 thoughts on “We’ve hit Facebook

  1. Social networking is a bit of a question for me. I know, I am a jewelry artist
    and social media is important for success. I wanted more content for people to get to know me before starting something like Facebook, so I started with a blog. If you are ready, dive into Facebook. You will create a following like you have with your blog :). Dear Sweets, you will make a success of it!

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