The moon on fire

The word Biophilia and the word Melancholy have both been the themes of the last few days. There’s been a mellow cloud over my days that’s not ceased to shift. Instead it’s just glided alongside me or hovering above me, or sometimes all encompassing me in its big fluffy teary jacket. There doesn’t appear to be much of a purpose to it, it seems. I am not usually someone who gets this, really. Melancholy and me don’t know each other so well these days, yet here it is trying to get known.

Alongside this, and intertwining with this melancholy cloud, has been the ever-blooming awareness of my need for connection with Living Things. I mean nature…natural living things. I’d heard of the word Biophilia but never really known what it meant. Then I discovered it yesterday and since reading the wiki description, it’s like my eyes have opened even further and I am viewing the world around me through a different lens. The lens of the Love for the Living.

In order to feel joy and connection, it just makes sense to me that we need connection with living things. Because to surround ourself with life, only inspires us to embrace ours. By connecting with life, we feed our soul. Since submerging myself in reading about this, I have noticed how I lift and light up when I look at the living things right at our fingertips: the birds that glide by; the ‘weeds’ that creep across the pavement; the blooming blossom in the trees; the snails that cross our paths… This has always happened but the difference in the past few days is that I’ve noticed it’s literally because of the Life – I have always been seeing it because of all the elements, such as strength, wisdom, beauty, vitality, energy, freedom, that’s comes from nature or animals I encounter throughout my days. Now though just connecting because of the love that they’re living systems – the love for the living – encompasses all those elements as well.

All this life is just oozing itself out of every nook and cranny you can find. Even in a city. Let this life inspire yours, and you. Let this life light your spark and feed your soul. It does it anyway, whether we ‘notice’ it or not, but I believe it has more power when we give this connection a voice…really acknowledge it, notice it.


Tonight the moon is stunning. It is an eclipse and with it, brought a bright red moon upon its rise this evening. And last night too. I caught it just in time, as I stepped in my room. The melancholy cloud that had been lingering, lifted immediately. The moon never ceases to ground and bring comfort. The fatter she gets, the more in awe I feel. And the more supported, connected and grounded I feel too.


Another theme of the last few days has been the old fave, Ani DiFranco. I can’t seem to embed a video so I’ll just have to encourage you to go hunting on youtube instead. She’s so rad.


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