We all need a desk in our lives

For the last 4 days I haven’t had a desk. It’s felt like 4 months. I didn’t realise quite how much I need one – I almost contemplated trading the mattress I just bought for one, but I figured I think I need a bed more than a desk. Especially the amount of time I flippin’ spend resting on it. So I kept the mattress but I have been longing for a desk. I have hardly written and I have really felt it.

I am a touch on the high side due to the close company I’ve been having with paints for the last 24 hours but I was too chuffed with my creation and set-up that I had to share it on here before I head out the door to breath non-toxic air.

It all started with a hunt around town, with a determination to find a desk by the end of the afternoon. I didn’t quite find the dream wooden one I wanted, so I went with a £20 fake wood one that I was going to paint.

photo 1-2

Which I did. The floor and my feet and legs and hand and face got a bit of a coating too.

photo 3-1

photo 4

photo 5

photo 2-4

I spent about an hour with a hardware store salesman yesterday – the rocking way to spend a Saturday night. Eventually I decided on colours and eventually I painted the desk how I wanted it. I wasn’t quite convinced but I just was desperate for a desk, and desperate for non-toxic air, so I went for this colour scheme here:

photo 3-2

Now it’s beginning to feel like home.

photo 4-1

Sweet. I am slightly concerned about the lifespan of the white-ness, but right now I am chuffed and that is what’s important. Coasters – and any other protective thing I can think of to protect it from my clumsiness creative ways – are on the shopping list.


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