The mind-body connection

The mind-body connection is a baffling thing and can seem like a totally unreachable and alien thing too. But it can be found, it just takes practise, like the other wholesome bits of life do.

For me the talk of a mind-body connection, or more like disconnection, came when I hit the pillow with Chronic Fatigue. For years I just didn’t get it…I knew I needed to and I desperately tried to, and then other times fucked it off because I just couldn’t work out how. But this year, with all the  knuckling down and practising mindfulness, the yoga, and all the healing the trauma that shut-off my connection in the first place, I can safely say my mind-body connection is rocking. And slowly I can see my chronic fatigue easing too.

This is my cartoon take on it.



2 thoughts on “The mind-body connection

  1. Hi, I would like permission to use this drawing for a power point I am giving on Mind/Body connection- it is perfect for the point I am going to make! I would acknowledge you in your preferred way, on the slide.

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