Super moon? Super sunset.

A funny thing happened the other day. It was the ‘super moon’ and I completely forgot. I do this quite often…I know that something significant, beautiful, or just kinda cool is happening and write it in my mental calendar, with the intention of watching it, taking time out to honour it, or whatever else I fancy. Take the summer solstice for example – I was gonna do something nice with friends – a pint and a fire, but instead I ended up having a bath, and drawing cartoons under candlelight whilst in it, and going to bed. This was fine by me. But I am increasingly feeling the importance of overcoming a bit of my rebellion-from-my-hippy-roots, and honouring these kind of occasions or moments in the year. It’s something about connecting to the Earth and natures calendar – the one calendar we don’t have any control over, and I love this.

So anyways, the eve of the super moon – Sunday – I went for a stroll to my favourite hill to catch some last of the day, sunset rays. There were a bunch of people there which isn’t normally the case. There’s normally 3, max. Confused, but heartened because I didn’t fancy being on my own, I sat down on and nested in the grass. There were a couple of ladies just stood on the hill looking across the city, for AGES and all I could think was “Weirdos. What are you looking at? Why don’t you sit down?” More people wandered up slowly over the next hour, and perched themselves in various places, until there were 15 or so. Again, all looking the opposite direction to the sunset. Most of them were loved up couples out for their evening stroll, so I looked the other way for this reason but also because the sunset was beautiful. I lay on my back in the grass for ages, and then wandered on my way, wondering whether this fave place of mine that usually just has a scattering of people, is maybe a Sunday evening hot-spot before the working week begins, I just didn’t know it.



I woke up the next morning and suddenly realised this isn’t the case – I was the weirdo because I was looking the direct opposite direction to everyone else, missing the flippin super moon i had noted in my mental calendar. It turns out those bunch of ‘weirdos’ on the hill that night weren’t weirdos, they were just way more ‘on it’ than I was. Well whatevs. I got a pretty sunset and a cuddle from the grass. In 1,487,979 years when the super moon comes back round again, I’ll hang out with him then.

Next time, I might just take a moment to actually check out what people are looking at, rather than just thinking they are weirdos.


3 thoughts on “Super moon? Super sunset.

  1. The moon hits perigee every year. The “super moon”isn’t a rarity, its just been overblown by social media. You’ll see it again soon enough.also, the apparent size difference is imperceptible unless you have a full apogee mon to compare it to, which is impossible.the fact that the moon looks larger while rising is due to the moon illusion and occurs every time you get a clear view of the moon rising. So in truth, you got the better deal, as you saw a sublime sunset and weren’t there gawping with the others.

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