Breakfast is where it’s at

I’m not gonna lie – I love food. And I love breakfast, so it makes for a winning start to the day. I’ve noticed that whatever the hell is going on in my life around me, breakfast is never ever something I forget, scrimp on, or deny myself. Ever. Apart from the fact that if I did I would literally fall on my face come 10 o’clock (blood sugar, innit), it’s also just because I love it. It’s a vital part to my day and it’s also so healing too. Because of this mega-crazy heat wave we’re having, I haven’t been cooking every morn, and also I just got a bit bored of how much washing up I have to do, so I’ve been ‘rationing’ my cooking time to then ration the washing up. It doesn’t quite work, but there are a few less pots I think.

Here are a bunch of my breakfasts from the last few months. Instagram normally gets them all, but I figured they’re so tasty and lush, why not share them on here too. This post makes my breakfasts look pretty normal, and beautiful (which, apart from the odd GROSS looking smoothie, they usually are), but there aren’t so many pictures of the weird ones I often end up having…the roast chicken, the bizarre sausage concoctions, the tahini drizzled sweet potato…basically, breakfast is my opportunity to eat whatever the hell I want, whether it’s breakfast material or supper material, I’ll ‘ave it. I do wonder whether when my housemate walks in sleepy eyed, having just woken to the smell of frying salmon and quinoa boiling, she wonders why she let a food obsessed chick live in her house. But most of the time she just smiles and laughs and asks what it is.

Food’s brill. And breakfast’s even better.

20130716-101640 AM.jpg

20130716-101658 AM.jpg

20130716-101714 AM.jpg

20130716-101734 AM.jpg

20130716-101725 AM.jpg

20130716-101744 AM.jpg

20130716-101751 AM.jpg

20130716-101812 AM.jpg

20130716-101836 AM.jpg

20130716-101850 AM.jpg

20130716-101906 AM.jpg

20130716-101922 AM.jpg

20130716-101953 AM.jpg

20130716-102020 AM.jpg

20130716-102052 AM.jpg

20130716-102100 AM.jpg

20130716-102137 AM.jpg

20130716-102124 AM.jpg


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