When I’m 64

Maybe the plus side of getting to know and learning to love your body, your life, you, in so much pain, constant discomfort, health hurdle after hurdle, is that when you hit old age it’s going to feel like known territory. It’s going to feel like a breeze. It’s going to feel like “oh hello old friend, I know you.”

Chronic fatigue, in all your misty mayhem and crippling confusion, perhaps you do bring the odd twisted plus side after all.

20130818-103311 AM.jpg


2 thoughts on “When I’m 64

  1. Such wisdom from someone so young! Next year I’ll be 64. And yes, after all the turmoil of life, it is like meeting an old friend – the person you knew you wanted to be all along but couldn’t get to without going through an amazing amount of crap and also wonderment to become that person. I knew who I wanted to be when I was 9 … only 54 years ago ,,, and now I’m an old 9 year old. I love it.

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