Getting to know the wild woman archetype

I’ve always been obsessed with nature. The wild. The outdoors…Anything. During this time of healing and growth, I’m loving watching this connection continue to grow and deepen in ways I never knew before. On an ecospiritual level. We all have the archetypal wilderness within ourselves, but bustling modern life can rip this out of us. It can gently or not-so gently, batter it out of us. Ipads, mobiles, computers, social networking rather than face to face, games rather than hours in the garden, convenience rather than hunting or picking…it all strips the wildness that we naturally, as humans, are innately programmed to live. Yes, evolution happens and yes we are adapting and our needs are different to generations before us, but there is still – and always will be – a wild archetype, a wild part of us all that needs feeding. I’m talking parts, Gestalt style. All the many subpersonalities that make us whole. This wild part needs nutrition and most importantly needs connection with the wild, and needs connecting with from ourselves, and integration with the other parts of ourselves so it’s not just out there, wild-ing it up on its own.

I loved this image so much – it is the epitome of how I want to always feel right now – so ‘borrowed’ it from here.

Recently I’ve really noticed my draw to growing my understanding of the female archetype, the relationship between nature and the feminine, the cyclical and wild nature of women and the wild, and the connection this brings and the connection that has been increasingly lost amongst women, young and old. And also, my draw to discovering this world of goings on – organisations, movements, schools of psychology – that all still continue this connection, and are trying to increase this movement and get it more known by women and men.

I have also begun to notice the qualities in the women that I am drawn to, have in my life as support, and want to keep connected with…and it’s all the women that have that air of wild about them. That have the grounded, earthy, connected to their wild, essence. Women who own their power, own their strength, and own their feminine, and know it. It’s lush. It’s lush to watch this grow, in myself and the world that surrounds me. I am choosing the women – friends and women in the professional support area (therapists, herbalists, etc) – I want in my life to support and to nourish my journey of coming into my true womanly nature. For so long I’ve danced around this, and danced around my fire and my power, but recently am able to step into it and through it, and dance with it. And realise it’s fucking beautiful.

From the book, Women Who Run With Wolves, they say “the journey of the Wild Woman is about coming into our power”, and that is so totes what’s going on. The last month, I noticed during my PMS stage (which is two weeks bloody long), normally the anger would overwhelm and it would channel towards myself and become self hatred, self destructive urges…it would fuel my inner critic on a two week long bender. But the month just passed, the anger felt beautiful. It didn’t feel overwhelming, it felt empowering. It felt cool. And I felt lucky, and honoured to be able to feel it. I had fire and the fire felt GOOD, rather than shitty and scary as it normally does. I was, and am becoming, proud of my power. This is pretty beautiful. And such a relief.


And on this journey, as I watch myself get to know my own wild female archetype more and more, I notice how beautiful and contagious this part of me is. The more I feel her, the more I want to be her. And the more I allow for her, because within her lies the power and health that will continue to fuel me along this journey. And will continue to protect me – literally and metaphorically – from the critical parts of myself and from the critical parts of other humans.


3 thoughts on “Getting to know the wild woman archetype

  1. I love what you’ve written here. My dance with Wild Woman began, well, I’m sure I’ve been dancing with her on and off again for a long time! But it’s only been in the last two or so years that she’s really become front line and centre in my self-work. The last two or three months have been a love affair with her, finding as much as I can about her, listening to her, allowing her to filter through. I’ve not been censoring myself as much, and I so understand the PMS bit!!! She is beautiful, and I love how she’s made you feel. Walk on, with the wild in your heart 😀 xx

  2. I sooooo appreciate this, especially as I’m now coming to the end of “Women Who Run With the Wolves” by C.P. Estes where she describes a woman’s journey through the underworld. I’m there! Everything you feel is what I’ve been feeling. It’s soooo time for us wild women to coalesce as a pack to change this world we live in. Mother Earth is calling us !

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