Healing is…

Knowing your feelings aren’t wrong.

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4 thoughts on “Healing is…

    • Oh man, I know. It’s taken me a while and I still very much feeling like I’m still getting there, to that place of really knowing that what I’m feeling is valid and that there doesn’t have to be a rational reason why…just to know I do feel what I do feels key. And I find its helped with other people/relationships too – knowing that its not my fault that they feel how they do, and that their feelings are just as valid as mine but just as unique as mine too. I notice how I have more compassion, more space, and can notice any judgement I have about them/their feelings rather than take it as fact, about what they’re feeling. I think I can do that more with myself now too – try to not read into or judge myself for what I’m feeling, or work out why I am, or what I did to make me feel this way, so I can not do whatever it is, again. The more intense, harder feelings. And it’s a form of self protection, but it’s not actually totally valid anymore! Or I sometimes try and change what I feel, or push it out the way because it’s wrong or dangerous, according to the wounded part of me. Mindfulness helps me with this – accessing a compassionate seat inside myself that sits and witness my experience rather than taking it all as the whole truth/fact. To just know the stuff’s there, and to notice it, is what matters. And to offer it love too – that helps. Thanks for the comment! Lengthy reply 😉

      • Love this! Thank you. Respecting that all of our feelings (and others feelings) are valid can be a game changer. So drastically different from hoe I was raised. It seems easy to tell others to listen to their gut and speak up on how they feel, so much harder to listen to it. Hopefully the more I hear it, the more it will sink in. It truly does bring more mindfulness and compassion into life.

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