Creating groups

Today I created the prospect of a ptsd group, or at least the beginnings of it: I picked up my stuff from the printers and put up my first two flyers.

In a way the beginning of it didn’t really start today, even though it felt like it. Today was just another big fat tick along the journey of making one. It actually first started months ago when I first created the meet-up group online, or over a year ago when I first loosely (but full of hope-ly/wondering possibility) had the thought of starting a group and mentioned it to one or two people – a group I so desperately felt I needed and have done ever since… It feels pretty profound to get to this point. And it kinda is. It’s exciting, but somewhat terrifying too.

I high fived myself in the mirror yesterday for going to the hospital by myself TWICE in a day. Maybe I need to high five myself in the mirror for this too. So far I’ve just been offering myself grins, praise, and a lot of cuddles. That’s been doing the job too.

Let’s see what happens…! Bring it. 😊

20140109-102524 PM.jpg


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